Q: What am I allowed to put inside the dumpster?
A: We can dispose of basically everything aside from hazardous waste. Please contact our customer service
for further information or if you have specific items you are wondering about.

Q: How can I cancel or make changes to an order I have already placed?
A: To cancel or make changes to an order, please contact our customer service at 925-513-0328, or
dbsinc63@att.net at least one business day prior to delivery. It's simple and easy!

Q: Will the dumpster damage my driveway?
A: A full dumpster may or may not be very heavy depending on the size and materials that are placed inside
it. If you are worried that what you are disposing of will make the dumpster too heavy, or just worried about
your driveway/pavement in general, here is what you can do: Place plywood over the area you want the
dumpster to be dropped off. This should prevent any potential damage that could occur. While damage
happening is rare, there is always that possibility, so precautions will only help. The dumpsters are also
equipped with rear wheels to help prevent damage.

Q: What does my quoted price/online pricing include?
A: While the online prices may be subject to change depending on the location of the job, your final quote will
include your delivery, rental for up to 2 weeks, fuel and environmental surcharges, taxes, disposal of the
allotted tonnage (depending on what size you ordered) and also the pick up and removal of the dumpster. We
will recycle as much of the collected material as we can in a county approved and licensed recycle facility.

Q: Can you guarantee me an exact time-frame as to the arrival of the dumpster on the day of delivery?
A: Due to traffic, weather patterns, and the order of jobs, we cannot give a definitive guarantee as to a specific
time for the dumpster to be delivered on its scheduled date. We can, however, give you a rough estimate
(EXAMPLE: Between 8AM and 10AM). And we can also have the office or the driver give you a call when the
dumpster is on its way. If you require any of this information, please request it when you place your order with
the office.

Q: How do I know what size dumpster I should order?
A: You most certainly want to ensure that you get the correct size, which is why we are here to help! You can
give our customer service a call at 925-513-0328 or Email them at dbsinc63@att.net, and they will help you
find the appropriate size if you are unsure.


Further information concerning concrete, asphalt, and dirt only loads/boxes:

*Anything found in a load that “shouldn’t” be in there when dumping reverts to the general c&d rate and is subject to a tonnage limit and additional weight charges, since this is how we have to dump them if they are not solidly the described materials only.
*If a concrete load contains wire mesh or uncut rebar, it is an additional $50.00 per yard x 8-9yds material = $400-$500 additional charges. These are extra because the recycle facility will have to jackhammer it apart and separate/sort it out of the load. They also damage the grinding equipment used at recycle facility.

*all loads are recycled at county approved facilities.
*only have small quantities of concrete (I.e. 2-3yds)? Call us to see if we can give you a discount on a box price for smaller quantity!


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